2019 Registration Information

Updated Friday July 19, 2019 by Jay Grant.

Dear Parents and Players, 

Easthampton Little League has opened registration for the spring baseball and softball season. Our online registration allows you to easily register your children and to either pay by credit card or by mailing a check. We have made a few adjustments to our offerings, so please read through this document before registering.

We have a new Constitution and Code of Conduct

This fall the Board of Directors rewrote our Constitution, which is our guiding document. You can find it under the “About Us” heading on the website. Please take the time to read it so you will better understand how the league operates. You will notice that we are asking parents, players and volunteers to agree to abide by our Code of Conduct as part of the registration process.

If you plan to volunteer as a coach

If you want to be involved as a coach please register as a volunteer. There is some paperwork involved and it is available as part of registration or on our website.

Change in registering for a particular division

This year those in a player pitch division will sign up for “player pitch baseball” or “player pitch softball”. Following spring training and evaluations players will be assigned to teams in the appropriate division of play. Descriptions of each division are available on the website.  

Indoor training

We will once again offer a winter indoor training program that will run from mid-January through the end of February. We no longer have a space in Eastworks and are presently planning to do the training at White Brook Middle School. If we are able to arrange for a second space we will let you know. When registering those in player pitch divisions will be asked if they would like to be involved in these training sessisons.

A new division for 7 & 8 year olds

We are planning to split our AA division into a coach pitch division and a player pitch division. The coach pitch division will include 6-8 year olds and be geared to players who are progressing from t-ball, but not yet ready for a player pitch only experience. Players will be expected to play in the coach pitch division for at least one season before moving on to AA. The AA division will now be a player pitch only division with umpires calling balls and strikes. League age 7 and 8 year olds are eligible for this division, which will have games with similar teams in surrounding towns. Players at this level must demonstrate a consistent ability to throw and catch a baseball and be comfortable facing live player pitching. 

A new baseball “travel team” option 

Additionally, for players league age 9-13 and playing at the AAA, Majors and Intermediate levels we are joining a District wide initiative to offer a higher level of play to those players who have the desire and ability to play other similar teams in a travel league throughout the District. This level will be in addition to our regularly scheduled league games. We plan to play our regular league games from Monday through Friday. The travel teams will play two games on the weekend, most likely a doubleheader on Saturday. The towns in the District are still working on finalizing plans for this new level of play. During the registration process you will be asked if you are interested in trying out for this additional opportunity. We will not have final details until more planning at the District level takes place. We will communicate final details of the program as soon as they are settled.

Helping in the Concession Stand

We operate the Concession Stand at the fields both as a convenience for parents and players during games and a fundraiser for the league. Proceeds from the concession help defray the cost of registration and are the reason we have not increased fees in three years. We are asking each family to have one adult assist at the concession stand one time during the season. You will be assisting a Board Member who will be in charge. During registration you will choose one week of the season that you will be able to help. Once our scheduling is done we will be in contact to see which day of that week you can help and will post the schedule of helpers on our website. 

To register please visit our website at:



ELL Board of Directors